Cloud Storage Enablement

We always strive to take leading edge technology to our customers, making sure technology is applied to leverage business processes to be ahead competition. TXM can deliver cloud applications for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and human capital management, hosted on industry leading platforms such as’s and Amazon AWS. 


Cloud backup

End user and servers information backup on the cloud, hybrid solutions let store information in the cloud and locally through and storage gateway. Get rid of tapes disks and other devices.


Cloud storage space on different layers depending on use frequency. Maximum security and availability.

Synchronization and sharing

Shared folders under corporate governance. End user equipment automatic synch and backup

Cloud technology advantages

  • Consistent world class service.

  • No need to install any hardware or software.

  • Fast implementation risk free.

  • Great customization capacity

  • More and better features for end users.

  • Automatic updates.

  • Reduced complexity and administrative burden.

  • Financial benefits.


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